Tencap profiled in Tennis Magazine!

Yep, the same “Tennis” magazine that you’re thinking of.  The one with the www.tennis.com website.  The one published by Chris Evert.  That Tennis magazine.

Check out the September/October 2010 issue, page 20 (right above the story about how Martina Navratilova won’t let breast cancer get her down, and opposite from the Nordstrom ad for resistance-increasing, “Shape Up” shoes, which strangely, do not rhyme with “gimmick”)

Look for the article titled, “Tired of the NTRP?  Now you have an option

From the article:

“Unlike the NTRP, which was created 32 years ago, Tencap takes into account a players gender and age. Players enter their results in the system and a computer tracks how they fare against each other, with updates every eight sets.”

Then a little bit later:

“Dave Schobel, the USTA’s director of competitive play, says he’s not familiar with Tencap and sees no need to modify the NTRP.

Right. Because what POSSIBLE significance could irrelevant and superfluous factors such as “age” or “gender” be?  I agree Dave. And furthermore, why modify a system that adjusts ratings once (or is it twice?) per year? What POSSIBLE advantage might a player see from a system like Tencap wherein ratings are adjusted every eight SETS!

How many sets do you play in a year? More than eight?

Who is your best doubles partner?  Who is your worst doubles partner?  (And how can you prove to your worst doubles partner that he/she is, in fact, Kryptonite for your game?)  Who is your biggest rival in singles and/or in doubles?  What is your percentage of matches won?  Of sets?  Of games?

Do you know?  Do you care?

If you do, then Tencap is for you.

*Note* The opinions expressed in this post, as well as my other posts, are my own opinions.  I don’t get paid for this virtuoso demonstration of blogging awesomeness, so there’s no corporate loyalties to worry about.  I give it to you straight, with no spin.  Like Soderling’s forehand.  Only I’m shorter, and can pronounce the letter “J”.

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