Guess whose Tencap is better than Nadal’s?

This is hands down, far & away, no contest the coolest little tennis-related development since Hawk Eye!

Ever wondered how much better the pro’s are than you? Now you can find out with the most advanced tennis rating system in existence!

Check this out – Here’s Nadal’s Tencap rating:

Rafa's Tencap is currently -7!

Tencap is now tracking all of the top pro’s and entering their match scores into the rating system. Now you don’t have to wonder how much better they are, it’s an objective fact!

Nadal's match stats

But wait, there’s more!

Not only can you see their win/loss record, you can also see their percentage of sets won and their percentage of games won!  Tencap automatically tracks all their relevant match stats!  As you can see, Rafa currently has a 52-7 win/loss record.

But wait, there’s more!

Nadal's ranking history

Not only can you see where their ratings are, you can see their rating history (which is not the same as their ranking history), and how they’ve been playing.  As you can see, Rafa’s Tencap reached a year-to-date best in late May, right after he completely dominated the entire clay court season.  It jumped up a couple spots in June (he didn’t dominate as much on grass as he did on clay), but it didn’t affect his ATP ranking.  Still, it’s pretty clear that Rafa’s Tencap is heading North as the tour moves from grass to hardcourts, which has historically spelled problems for him at the US Open.  Now you can see those stats, track them, analyze them, obsess over them, use them to make better fantasy-bracket picks, and improve your first serve percentage.

Oh yeah, if you wanna find out whose Tencap is better than Nadals (-8), you gotta sign up and check it out yourself.

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