Aussie-Observations: Day 1

First, here’s a Handy-Dandy Assuie-Open Time Converter Trick
Melbourne is 17hrs ahead of US, CST, so for those of you in the Central Time Zone, take the current time, subtract 7hrs, add 1-day.  For example, If it’s 7pm on a Tues night, US Central Time, it’s noon on Wed in Melbourne.

Second, because of the time difference, and because I do require sleep, coverage of the Australian Open will be done on a “when I get a chance to watch” basis.   Hope you understand.

Sharapova vs  Tamarine Tanasugarn (from Thailand)
Strong groundstrokes from Sharapova but she’s gotta fix that serve if she wants to be playing in week #2.  Ten double faults ain’t gonna cut it.  Nevertheless, Sharapova wins in straight sets.

Kubot vs Querry
The Kubot forehand is a fearsome thing to behold!  How many times did we see Querry dink in a 2nd serve in @ 75-80mph, only to have Kubot rip a (fearhand) winner at 90+ mph!  Querry loses in 5-sets.

De Bakker vs Monfils
De Bakker up 2-sets to love, and up 5-2 in the 3rd.  Monfils is serving to stay in the match and…the wheels just come off the De Bakker juggernaut.  Comments involving substitutions of debacle in lieu of De Bakker are too tempting for all watching, and all commenting.  It was painful to watch.  Monfils wins in 5.  Was previously 0-10 after dropping the first two sets.

Federer vs Lacko
Fed takes the opening set in 22-minutes hitting 13 winners (4 on the forehand, 5 on the backhand) and making just 4 unforced errors.  Unbelievable dominance from the Swiss.  Watching him play, it’s easy to forget that his opponents are also professional tennis players, and Lacko is a top-100 player.  Fed wins 1, 1 & 3 in 80 minutes.

Fish vs Victor Hanescu
7th game of the 5th set Fish comes up with the goods to get the break.  Outstanding tennis from Fish in the opinion of this Ichthyologist.  Fish goes on to hold serve, and then to win the match in 5 tough sets.

Roddick vs Jan Hajek
Roddick wins in three straight: 1, 2, 2.  This match looked tougher than it reads on paper.  Unfortunately, he’s in the same half of the draw as Federer.  It just ain’t fair.

Random Helpful Hint

Here’s a handy-dandy mph to ft/sec converter/rule-of-thumb.  More accurate to say rule-of-thumb.  To figure out how fast you’re driving in feet per second, take the speed your driving in mph and add half.   If you’re driving 60mph, you’re going about (60 + 30 = 90) 90ft/sec.  You can thank me later.

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