Aussie-Observations: Day-9


Li Na vs Andrea Petkovic
If you missed the match, the story’s in the stats:

Aussie Open Quarterfinals Petkovic Li Na
1st Serve %
Double Faults
Unforced Errors 20 15
Winning % on 1st Serve
Winning % on 2nd Serve
Winners 11 13
Receiving Points Won
Break Point Conversions
Net Approaches
Total Points Won 43 65
Fastest Serve Speed
Average 1st Serve Speed
Average 2nd Serve Speed
Points scored by forcing errors 17 32
Winners 11 13
Aggressive Points 28 45
Aggressive Margin 8 30

Federer vs Wawrinka

Definition of DEFEAT
1: frustration by nullification or by prevention of success
2: obsolete: destruction
3: (a) an overthrow especially of an army in battle (b) the loss of a contest

Synonyms: beating, drubbing, licking, loss, lump, overthrow, plastering, rout, shellacking, trimming, trouncing, whipping

After beating, drubbing, plastering, routing, shellacking, trimming, trouncing, and generally whipping Wawrinka 1, 3, 3, Fed’s through to his EIGHTH consecutive Australian Open Semi-Final.  Eight.  In a row.

Jim Courier
Best on-court interviewer ever.  Ever.

Francesca Schiavone vs Caroline Wozniacki
“La Lionessa”! You gotta love it! To doubt her is to underestimate her!  Schiavone surprises Wozniacki and takes the first set 6-4. Shiavone is absolutely fearless under pressure. Check out the match stats after the first set:

At the end of the first set Schiavone had 14 winners to Wozniacki’s one. One. That defensive style she plays ain’t gonna cut it against a go-for-broke offensive player like Schiavone.

2nd set
Schiavone is serving at 2-1 (she’s already up a break), and the concern is clearly visible on on Wozniacki’s face.  SHE is feeling the pressure.  Schiavone is a *master* at constructing points.  She’s throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Wozniacki at it’s working.  Schiavone holds the break.  Schiavone 3, Wozniacki 1

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said “Oh my lord that’s too good!”  Wozniacki looks like she’s playing uphill on every point.  Nothing’s coming easy to her.  She hangs in there and holds serve, still down a break.  I don’t think many people are rooting against Wozniacki, but I have a feeling that there’s an awful lot of people rooting for Schiavone!

Schiavone’s serving 3-2.  Two Three Four unforced errors in a row she’s down 0-30 0-40 game.  Very sloppy game from the Lioness.

3-3.  The highlight of this game is that Wozniacki manages to hit “a” winner – her 5th of the match so far – and holds serve.  4-3 Wozniacki.

3-4 Schiavone.  She opens up with an ace.  Wozniacki answers with a nice cross-court pass, and then gets the next point.  And the next.  Wozniacki has definitely raised her game.  15-40, and after a spirited rally she gets the break.  5-3 Wozniacki.

Wozniacki holds serve and closes out the 2nd set 6-3.

3rd Set
Wozniacki breaks, Schiavone answers with a break of her own, but Wozniacki breaks right back. 2-1 Wozniacki.

4th game: Wozniacki has more firepower than I’ve been giving her credit for.  After some great points they’re at deuce.  Schiavone probably runs 100+ meters every point – she gets to everything – and benefits from a Wozniacki ball that clips the tape.  AD Schiavone.  Error Schiavone.  Deuce.  Winner Wozniacki, her AD.  Schiavone barely misses the corner, game Wozniacki.  3-1 Wozniacki.

5th game: Schiavone is clearly pressing, and she’s losing.  Plus, Wozniacki has maintained her (previously raised) level of play, and she’s putting the squeeze on Schiavone.  15-30 Schiavone.  She pulls a little Fabrice Santoro and gets to 30-30.  Finds her groove again, and holds serve, though she’s still down a break.  Wozniacki leads 3-2

6th game: Wozniacki serving.  Two unforced errors in a row from Schiavone and Wozniacki is up 30-0.  30-15.  Schiavone tries a drop shot that Wozniacki absolutely punishes.  40-15 Wozniacki.  Another long forehand from Schiavone gives the game to Wozniacki.

7th game: Schiavone is serving at 2-4.  Schiavone finds an angle that Euclid couldn’t have found and goes up 15-0.  Does another drop shot and gets away with it.  30-0.  I look up from typing this and it’s 30-30.  Schiavone does that one/two punch (serve out wide, volley to the open court) and gets game point.  Then she double-faults!  Deuce.  Tries another drop shot and it lands short.  Bad decision.  Wozniacki plays some great defense and gets the break.  That’s probably all she wrote for Schiavone.

8th game: Wozniacki serves at 5-2.  Wow!  Wozniacki can play some incredible defense!  Still, Schiavone gets the first point. 0-15.  Schiavone is still going for her shots…she’s just not making them.  Sends a backhand just wide, and now it’s 15-15.  Wozniacki sends Schiavone running (again) and goes up 30-15.  Another error from Schiavone and now Wozniacki has double match point.  And as if on cue, Schiavone threads another backhand up the line for a winner.  40-30.  One match point saved.  And then she plays (another) HELLUVA point to level the score at deuce.  Her fight is incredible.  And then…ridiculously easy backhand slice goes into the net.  Match point again.  So what does Schiavone do?  Plays another fearless, completely insane point.  Deuce.  Wozniacki must be feeling the pressure, sends a backhand into the tape.  Break point Schiavone.  A long backhand from the Italian sends it back to deuce.  Another great point from Schiavone and once again she has break point.

Fact: “Schiavone” is Italian for “Never Say Die!!!”  Unbelievable!  She gets the break!

9th game: 3-5 Schiavone.  At 30-0 she tries another drop shot.  It doesn’t work.  For the love of Pete, woman, STOP DOING THAT!  Sends a forehand wide, 30-30.  Misses a volley she needed to make and it’s now yet another match point for Wozniacki.  And…it ends anti-climatically.  Wozniacki advances to the semi-finals.

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